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請即報名參加賽馬會眾心行善: 與老友記一起參與肥皂藝術工作坊,成為義工 Volunteer for JCVT Connecting generations: Soap Art to provide critical hygiene now

JCVT Connecting generations: Soap Art to provide critical hygiene

Soap Cycling
Volunteering period
11/05/2024 - 11/05/2024
Hong Kong Citywide
Application deadline
"賽馬會眾心行善 JC VOLUNTEER TOGETHER" Funded by: Description: Research has shown that environmental organizations are not currently doing enough to engage senior citizens in positive environmental action that broadens their understanding of climate concerns and mobilizes them as environmental advocates. At the same time, older adults have more time for “civic engagement” and volunteering. Engaging seniors in this kind of environmental action with younger volunteers is incredibly positive for both groups. For older volunteers, it provides an opportunity to stay active and engaged in their communities, maintain social connections, and share their knowledge and skills with younger generations. For younger volunteers, it offers a chance to learn from older individuals, develop new skills, and gain valuable life experience. Intergenerational volunteering also helps bridge the generation gap, fostering understanding and respect between different age groups. Volunteer roles: Volunteer families and children will be waiting at the warehouse to warmly greet the seniors. All participants in the program are active volunteers and will be briefed together on the lack of access to soap faced by so many people in the world – and the impact this has on hygiene and physical wellbeing. The Soap Art element of this upcycling program makes the experience more fun for younger children. Volunteers will be sorting and processing unwanted soap to be melted, coloured, decorated and shaped into new forms using molds. The senior and child volunteers can support each other and chit-chat during the process, making it a fun and engaging social activity as well as a meaningful one. At the end of the program the group will learn where these soaps will be distributed and some soap will be gifted to the elderly. Remarks: Volunteers age 7-12 years old must attend with a guardian. Volunteers who want to bring their children who are over 7 years old, please create children's account and sign them up for this activity online. Volunteers age 12 years old can attend this activity without a parent or guardian. Connect your HandsOn account with JC VOLUNTEER TOGETHER PLATFORM now and start accumulating volunteer hours to unlock rewards on the platform - surprises and perks await as a token of appreciation!
Hong Kong Citywide
Volunteer Service Sat, 11 May 2024 02:30PM Sat, 11 May 2024 04:30PM 1704-1705, World Peace Centre, 55 Wo Tong Tsui Street, Kwai Chung
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